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managed i.t.

linux mail services

Our mail servers offer affordable email solutions to small and medium-sized clients.  Based on Linux and 10 years of experience, they are a reliable, simple solution to providing most companies with email.


  • Compatible with all mail clients such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

  • Anti-spam and Anti Virus software keeps your users safe

  • Centralized LDAP address list shares your contacts throughout the company

  • We do all management remotely

  • It can be used with ADSL, WiMax, or leased line connections

broadband VPN connections

If your company has branches that need to be linked together across the road or Namibia, our broadband-based VPN solutions allow you to cheaply and reliably link them at speeds of up to 1Mbit/sec. By using cheaply available connections such as WiMax and ADSL

linus fileservers

For tiny offices the cost of a Windows server license is often prohibitive, so we offer a much cheaper alternative in the form of Linux-based fileservers.  These are a simple plug-and-play solution to sharing your Pastel data or company documents.

Simply adding a removable drive allows for automated backups, to ensure you don't lose data.

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