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People you can depend on

Jacques Serfontein

Jacques is our server and networking expert, his attention to detail and uncompromising nature helps us to offer our clients levels of reliability which are nearly unheard of.

Leslie Bosman

Leslie puts a friendly face on our support operations, where his patient, persistent personality ensures that things get done while providing our clients with a sense of comfort.


We employ a growing staff of passionate IT people

  • Mervin is our quality manager

  • Guy is our man for sales and purchasing

  • Christelle and Bernice look after our admin and accounting

  • Calvin and Mervin is responsible for Service levels

We are all passionate about service and systems reliability.  We hate down time and take great pride in the level of trust which our clients place in us.  Our philosophy is that by taking care of a client's long term needs and really understanding the problems we are trying to solve for them, we ensure the long term prosperity of our business.

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